Find locale settings on your Setup

In my guest post on Arvixe Blog named "Creating a Multilingual CMSMS Site using MleCMS module" i have mentioned a UDT to override locale settings of our Pages named "set_locale".
Since release of MleCMS module 1.10.5, the option for setlocale has been included as per my Feature Request as well as setting for Language Direction, again a big thanks to Zdeno Kuzmany for quick response.

The problem with setlocale you might encouter is, that not all Server are setup the same so in some cases you will have to find out a proper setting.
You can check that on a UNIX based Server very quickly by running a simple UDT in CMSMS Backend. 

To create the UDT simply go to "Extensions » User Defined Tags" and add following simple oneliner code, you can name it however you like, for example "check_locale".

system('locale -a');

Now to run this UDT from backend simply go back to "User Defined Tags" interface in backend and click on "Run this User Defined Tag" icon.
You will see a interface with textarea containg your PHP code and at the bottom of it a button "Run", click on that button and see the output.
In the output you will see a list of all available locale settings on your Server.

check locale settgins on your server