Getting the Template Name

I sometimes need more control over the styling than conventional ID’s and classes can provide; which will also protect against user input and be dynamic. I like to use a combination of the root alias, parent alias (if not the same as root) and the template name. The reason for this is so I can have full control over what gets styled and how even if the user doesn’t include that...

Get the Last Modified Date

I recently had to acquire the last modified date of a parents child pages. Now usually if you are on the page in question you would use something like this: {modified_date format="%A %d-%b-%y %T %Z"} But that doesn’t get pulled through when using something like CGSimpleSmarty to get child pages.

An easy way to use HTML5 linear gradients

CSS3 gradients are great. How many of you have used css gradients on your CMSMS sites? How many have used a tool like gradient editor ? It helps to get the job done.... but, if you need to go back and tweek the gradient, you might as well start over from the begining. Here is a way to use a User Defined Tag in CMSMS to make all this much easier.

Convert an Uploaded PDF to Thumbnail

I recently had a client who had a large number of PDFs which they wanted linked to specific case studies. Now usually you would just put a textual link wherever they wanted to put it but my client also wanted these links to display the first page of their PDF in a graphical format. That request gives me three options: Screenshot the first page of each PDF and convert it to the right...

Breadcrumbs for MLE

Breadcrumbs for the MleCMS module.

Adding Uploads Module categories dynamically

Just recently i was faced with a task of creating a per Registered User based Download area. My first thought was, oh thats easy simply connect FrontEndUsers Module with Uploads Module and done. But as we all know, there are always small issues that come along in each Project. So the issue with my thought was, that Uploads module does communicate with FrontEndUsers Module but not in a way i...

Dynamic Generation of Extra Field Definitions

A CMSMS developer sponsored me to create a UDT that would create News extra field definitions (checkbox) whenever a new FEU user was created. The plan was to have the detail template compare the current user with one of the checked users in the news article.

Update your sitemap.xml with a UDT

With CMSMS we have a nice number of modules that help us with Automation of some tasks and make our webmaster life easier. So today we will have a look at   SiteMapMadeSimple module written by Robert Campbell . This module helps us generating a Sitemap .xml file for Searchengines. Downside of the module is, that it only detects changes concerning regular CMS content and...

How to use a UDT in your Style Sheets to help with repetitive vendor prefixes

So you have some nice rounded corners in your design and your client decides that they aren't round enough. Now you have to tediously edit each border-radius property and all the browser specific prefixed ones as well. Here's how to use a User Defined Tag to fix that.

Add Google Maps with UDT

Often there is a need to display a Google Map somwhere on the Website, but do you realy want to go through trouble of installing CGGoogleMaps module and dealing with fopen issue if it's disabled and you don't have access to change this on the Server just because of one single Google Map and a single Point? I did often bump in this issue or dealing with errors just because of disabled fopen...

Display Authors full name in CGBlog instead of Username

When using CGBlog module and writing posts, the displayed Author name using {$entry->author} is always our Username. I think this is not very wise, since we are providing our Administration Username for whole wide world. Ok there would be a workaround like creating another user with only Editor rights, so this wouldn't do much harm but do you really want to display something like...

Make your CMSMS website Mobile ready

With all those new Mobile Devices that are capable to display and handle any kind of data, it is only reasonable to provide your Online content to as much devices as possible and not only Computer. In this post you will see how easy it is to setup a mobile version of your Website without any Modules or Online Services that are being offered around.