Force a module to support multiple languages

Below some tactics on how to force a module to support multiple languages. The examples in this article will show you how it can be achieved for the FEU/SelfRegstration modules but you can certainly use the same tactics with other modules (ex: the picture comments in the Gallery module).

Module Review website

A new CMS Made Simple Module Review website is now up and running. Module Review is a resource for users and developers to list, comment and rate modules. Find out how easy modules are to use, how good the support is, if you should upgrade to the latest version or not. Plus, developers see what users really think of your module and if improvements can be made. If you've used any...

FormBuilder submission to ListItExtended

As many of you might have been wondering what is going on with FormBuilder and FormBrowser, here is the thing: FormBuilder is maintained at some level (lately with almost nothing has been done), fighting against time to continue with new line of form tool. FormBrowser development has been stopped, due i jumped into ListItExtended team and started developing it. This means that...

strip css made simple

How about a nice macro to help you quickly strip css and hide your comments over and over again?

Getting the Template Name

I sometimes need more control over the styling than conventional ID’s and classes can provide; which will also protect against user input and be dynamic. I like to use a combination of the root alias, parent alias (if not the same as root) and the template name. The reason for this is so I can have full control over what gets styled and how even if the user doesn’t include that...