Force a module to support multiple languages

Below some tactics on how to force a module to support multiple languages. The examples in this article will show you how it can be achieved for the FEU/SelfRegstration modules but you can certainly use the same tactics with other modules (ex: the picture comments in the Gallery module).

strip css made simple

How about a nice macro to help you quickly strip css and hide your comments over and over again?

Failed login notifications

Getting e-mail notifications of failed login attempts will not by any means protect you from hackers. It will however alert you if you are being targeted by a brute-force attack and should that ever be the case, cmsms allows you to simply move your admin directory and get it over with... :)

Prev/Next links in CGBlog

Adding Prev/Next links to the CGBlog detail pages without using UDT's.

Show all news articles by the same author

By clicking on the author name, the visitor will be redirected to the news page listing only the articles created by the selected author.

Making articles editable *only* by Author

I wanted to have articles edited only by the ones who create them (Author) and provide the Author a way to manually allow additional authors to edit the article.