Plupload 2.1, Chrome and folder support

I'm currently developing an intranet application. Intranet applications are great! You just get your client to use a suitable browser and you can basically use whatever front end technology out there.

CMS Made Simple Techniques of 2013

As the name suggests, CMS Made Simple is very easy to set up and get started with. However, when it comes to solutions requiring to customise templates and functionality, I see people struggling with similar problems. That’s often because there is insufficient documentation or people don’t know where to find it. The following techniques can often solve your problem or give a...

Using jQuery Isotope for masonry in fluid layouts

Even though the last minor version of the jQuery Isotope plugin was released almost 2 years ago in 2011, it is still a fully working and widely used plugin. However, since it is from times where responsive web design has not played such a leading role as it does today, a few lines of additional code are required to make it work properly in liquid layouts.

Managing availability of ListIt items - a mashup

I have released a new version of the JSAvailability module . It has completely changed and I believe it’s worth a bit of explanation. Here’s a brief history.

Breadcrumbs for MLE

Breadcrumbs for the MleCMS module.

3 easy steps for more speed

Speed optimization is a big topic and it doesn't lose its importance with bigger bandwidths becoming more and more common. There's a lot of remarkable information on the internet - first of all Yahoo's " Exceptional Performance " serie. But what's about CMSms? This article explains 3 easy steps to get more speed out of CMSms-driven websites.

Qualify FormBuilder for HTML5

FormBuilder's text field has already been improved by the addition of a placeholder option in version 0.7. Nevertheless there's still a lack of fields and options to achieve full support of HTML5 form fields. This article broaches the issue of adding some of those to the module do-it-yourself.