Plupload 2.1, Chrome and folder support

I'm currently developing an intranet application. Intranet applications are great! You just get your client to use a suitable browser and you can basically use whatever front end technology out there.

One page website using Menu Manager templates

I was recently asked to develop a single page scrolling website and have seen several implementations around this theme using CMSMS but none that seemed to be expandable and easily maintained by end users/clients. With this in mind I decided MenuManager would be my solution, meaning adding pages, removing pages and re-ordering could be done in the usual way and the navigation and page...

Using jQuery Isotope for masonry in fluid layouts

Even though the last minor version of the jQuery Isotope plugin was released almost 2 years ago in 2011, it is still a fully working and widely used plugin. However, since it is from times where responsive web design has not played such a leading role as it does today, a few lines of additional code are required to make it work properly in liquid layouts.

AJAX Form Submission with Formbuilder

Suppose you want to use JQuery to have a contact form in your footer submit and show the results in the same spot without reloading the page. Simply using the JQuery form plugin, will fetch the entire page with the inline form result and try to pack it into your footer form container. This is a big waste of time and bandwidth. With CMS Made Simple, there is a cleaner faster way!

Using ListItExtended module and Isotope jQuery plugin for nice showcase page

After using ListIt Module for few times i fell in love with it. The Module is very simple to use and with enough imagionation you can do anything with it. As Original ListIt version was lacking of Summary and Detail view, was declared dead, some of us decided to bring it back to life and extend some of the function in forked version named ListItExtended . So this time i would like to...

Create nice News Rotator with CMSMS News module and jQuery Cycle plugin

This time i will show you how easy it is to create a nice looking Header Rotator driven by CMSMS News module and jQuery Cycle plugin. Before we start we will need some tools, scripts to work with. jQuery Cycle Plugin jQuery Framework SuperSizer Plugin

Setup Comments extended with jQuery in CGBlog Module

When working on this blog, i needed comments function as every other blog in the virtual world. As we already know, CMSMS and Modules work a bit diferently than in other CMS Systems we know, but in a positive way. If we install a module in CMSMS we do not get a bloat of a code and other functions that we possibly do not need. To make it short, each module can be extended with additional...