Plupload 2.1, Chrome and folder support

I'm currently developing an intranet application. Intranet applications are great! You just get your client to use a suitable browser and you can basically use whatever front end technology out there.

An easy way to use HTML5 linear gradients

CSS3 gradients are great. How many of you have used css gradients on your CMSMS sites? How many have used a tool like gradient editor ? It helps to get the job done.... but, if you need to go back and tweek the gradient, you might as well start over from the begining. Here is a way to use a User Defined Tag in CMSMS to make all this much easier.

Qualify FormBuilder for HTML5

FormBuilder's text field has already been improved by the addition of a placeholder option in version 0.7. Nevertheless there's still a lack of fields and options to achieve full support of HTML5 form fields. This article broaches the issue of adding some of those to the module do-it-yourself.