Adventure of upgrading CMSMS 0.12 to

Just yesterday i had a pleasure to run an upgrade on CMSMS 0.12 Fiji to latest Faanui release.
Yes you read that right, from a version from back in year 2006, who would of known there still exist working sites like this. 

Well to be honest i was actually surprised how easy or not it was to get it running on latest release, so if you want to know read on.


First i have run a full backup of that existing 0.12 installation and transferd everything to my local PC running WAMP 2.0 with Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.1.36.
Running the installer and importing SQL file gave me a CMSMS 0.12 site with few errors on my local PC.

Out of curriosity i took the package and did an upgrade run :-) i just couldn't resist to see what will happen.
To my surprise update almost worked without any issues, well yes almost, but hey i can't remeber updating any system from almost some early beta to a system that was continuously maintained and updated for 5 years.
Frontend of that 0.12 to actually worked without any notices or errors but in the backend there were no existing pages visible in "Edit Content" area resulting in a message:

Notice: Undefined index: hierarchy_path in D:\Localhost\www\XXX\lib\classes\ on line 991

Meaning as quoted by Calugy:

yep... the problem is one of the schema updates didn't happen... (schema version 18 to 19 ... don't ask what cms version that was, I dunno).

Ok this could of been fixed, but i was currious from where can i go straight to latest release. 
So replaced my backup again converrting it to 0.12 and Downloaded 1.0  Hawaii from September 2006 and skipping 0.13 version.
After running upgrade procedure i was faced with 100 lines or warning messages :-)

Warning: Parameter 1 to cms_module_Lang() expected to be a reference, value given in D:\Localhost\www\xxx\lib\classes\ on line 1812

But ok this was easily fixed, quoted from RonnyK's message:

<RonnyK> uniqu3_: that is an error in old versions.. ;)
<RonnyK> file... lib/classes/
<RonnyK> search for Lang()
<RonnyK> and change... $args[0] = $this; to $args[0] =& $this;

After changing the line i had a working 1.0, now what.


Well i took again and ran the upgrade.

The result was almost working from 1.0.
Why almost? Well there were modules like SOAP, CMSMailer, and other Core modules not installed after upgrade, TinyMCE didn't work and facing a warning about FileManager module that was used back in 1.0 series.

After installing all modules, reseting TinyMCE settings, reseting News module Templates i was almost at the end of the road.
There was only one minor problem :-) writing News article with News module resulted in an error.
The reason was missing "news_extra" column in SQL "module_news" table. By adding this to the Database through PHPMyAdmin i was able to use News module.

ALTER TABLE module_news ADD news_extra VARCHAR(255);

The resume of this adventure?
As you can see upgrading CMSMS version that is 5 years old is possible, if you know what errors and warnings mean and how to fix these and upgrading from 1.0 is almost painless.