Farewell to CMS Made Simple

As some of you have already noticed, me (Goran aka uniqu3) and Tapio aka Stikki are no longer members of the CMS Made Simple Development Team. To put an end to the questions in our inboxes, speculations on Twitter or PM’s on various Social Networks we figured that in the current situation it would be best to quickly put together an official statement as we do not attempt to reply to...

CMS Made Simple Techniques of 2013

As the name suggests, CMS Made Simple is very easy to set up and get started with. However, when it comes to solutions requiring to customise templates and functionality, I see people struggling with similar problems. That’s often because there is insufficient documentation or people don’t know where to find it. The following techniques can often solve your problem or give a...

One page website using Menu Manager templates

I was recently asked to develop a single page scrolling website and have seen several implementations around this theme using CMSMS but none that seemed to be expandable and easily maintained by end users/clients. With this in mind I decided MenuManager would be my solution, meaning adding pages, removing pages and re-ordering could be done in the usual way and the navigation and page...

Managing availability of ListIt items - a mashup

I have released a new version of the JSAvailability module . It has completely changed and I believe it’s worth a bit of explanation. Here’s a brief history.

Force a module to support multiple languages

Below some tactics on how to force a module to support multiple languages. The examples in this article will show you how it can be achieved for the FEU/SelfRegstration modules but you can certainly use the same tactics with other modules (ex: the picture comments in the Gallery module).

strip css made simple

How about a nice macro to help you quickly strip css and hide your comments over and over again?

Failed login notifications

Getting e-mail notifications of failed login attempts will not by any means protect you from hackers. It will however alert you if you are being targeted by a brute-force attack and should that ever be the case, cmsms allows you to simply move your admin directory and get it over with... :)

AJAX Form Submission with Formbuilder

Suppose you want to use JQuery to have a contact form in your footer submit and show the results in the same spot without reloading the page. Simply using the JQuery form plugin, will fetch the entire page with the inline form result and try to pack it into your footer form container. This is a big waste of time and bandwidth. With CMS Made Simple, there is a cleaner faster way!

Under the Hood - How CMSMS Processes Page Templates

Most people know that CMS Made Simple processes the BODY of a template before the HEAD, but did you know that there is a third section of the template that is processed before anything else?

Template Externalizer

Template Externalizer is a module that can save CMS Made Simple developers many hours of cutting and pasting.  It allows you to work much more rapidly on projects, particularly if they are large and complex.

Adding Uploads Module categories dynamically

Just recently i was faced with a task of creating a per Registered User based Download area. My first thought was, oh thats easy simply connect FrontEndUsers Module with Uploads Module and done. But as we all know, there are always small issues that come along in each Project. So the issue with my thought was, that Uploads module does communicate with FrontEndUsers Module but not in a way i...

Creating a flexible MenuManager Mega Dropdown menu

In CMSMS Forums there are offten questions about MenuManager Templates, especially about a horizontal MegaDropwdown. So this time we will have a look at a simple and flexible MenuManager Template that can be used as in few different ways, like simple horizontal Dropdown, Flyout and MegaMenu. You probably first want to see what we are going to create.

Show all news articles by the same author

By clicking on the author name, the visitor will be redirected to the news page listing only the articles created by the selected author.

Update your sitemap.xml with a UDT

With CMSMS we have a nice number of modules that help us with Automation of some tasks and make our webmaster life easier. So today we will have a look at   SiteMapMadeSimple module written by Robert Campbell . This module helps us generating a Sitemap .xml file for Searchengines. Downside of the module is, that it only detects changes concerning regular CMS content and...

How to use a UDT in your Style Sheets to help with repetitive vendor prefixes

So you have some nice rounded corners in your design and your client decides that they aren't round enough. Now you have to tediously edit each border-radius property and all the browser specific prefixed ones as well. Here's how to use a User Defined Tag to fix that.

CMS Made Simple 1.10 Martinique was released!

It is official! CMS Made Simple Version 1.10 has been released for the Public. After long public Beta cycle, CMS Made Simple DEV Team has released a new version with numerous improvements. Module Lazy Loading TinyMCE Editor replaced with lighter, faster MicroTiny Printing Module replaced with CMSPrinting  Revised ModuleManager Removal of nuSOAP Module News Module...

Put your CMSMS Metatags on autopilot

What i love about CMSMS and Smarty Templating engine is that many issues can be solved with very little effort. As we all know maintining a Website can sometimes become fairly painfull and timeconsuming and this can also involve setting and mainting Meta tags. Some of you probably know there is SEOTools module or Autometa plugin that can help in these terms, but as i am not a big fan of...

Making articles editable *only* by Author

I wanted to have articles edited only by the ones who create them (Author) and provide the Author a way to manually allow additional authors to edit the article.

Adventure of upgrading CMSMS 0.12 to

Just yesterday i had a pleasure to run an upgrade on  CMSMS  0.12 Fiji to latest Faanui release. Yes you read that right, from a version from back in year 2006, who would of known there still exist working sites like this.  Well to be honest i was actually surprised how easy or not it was to get it running on latest release, so if you want to know read on.

CMS Made Simple™ wins Packt Publishing 2010 Open Source Awards

Congratulations to the CMS Made Simple Developement team, it is that time of year again, when Open Source Awards are being announced and this time CMSMS did it. This proves that my decision on choosing CMSMS as my primary CMS system was the right choice. You can read more about Open Source Awards and winners on official Packt Pub site.

Display Authors full name in CGBlog instead of Username

When using CGBlog module and writing posts, the displayed Author name using {$entry->author} is always our Username. I think this is not very wise, since we are providing our Administration Username for whole wide world. Ok there would be a workaround like creating another user with only Editor rights, so this wouldn't do much harm but do you really want to display something like...

Setup Comments extended with jQuery in CGBlog Module

When working on this blog, i needed comments function as every other blog in the virtual world. As we already know, CMSMS and Modules work a bit diferently than in other CMS Systems we know, but in a positive way. If we install a module in CMSMS we do not get a bloat of a code and other functions that we possibly do not need. To make it short, each module can be extended with additional...

Make your CMSMS website Mobile ready

With all those new Mobile Devices that are capable to display and handle any kind of data, it is only reasonable to provide your Online content to as much devices as possible and not only Computer. In this post you will see how easy it is to setup a mobile version of your Website without any Modules or Online Services that are being offered around. 

Piecemaker Flash Slider with Gallery module

There are many Wordpress Themes that use cool sliders like Piecemaker or Cuber, so i thought i would share my way how this can be used with CMSMS and load slider images dynamicaly with Gallery module. Before we start you should look at official Piecemaker homepage to see what we will be using.