Put your CMSMS Metatags on autopilot

What i love about CMSMS and Smarty Templating engine is that many issues can be solved with very little effort. As we all know maintining a Website can sometimes become fairly painfull and timeconsuming and this can also involve setting and mainting Meta tags. Some of you probably know there is SEOTools module or Autometa plugin that can help in these terms, but as i am not a big fan of...

Getting Your Images To Be Recognized By Facebook

Getting your images to be recognized by the facebook share wiget isn't always easy. Today I want to share a quick tip with you that can be done with tools built into the default cgBlog module. This is super easy and I hope that is helps you as it has me just recently.

Using ListItExtended module and Isotope jQuery plugin for nice showcase page

After using ListIt Module for few times i fell in love with it. The Module is very simple to use and with enough imagionation you can do anything with it. As Original ListIt version was lacking of Summary and Detail view, was declared dead, some of us decided to bring it back to life and extend some of the function in forked version named ListItExtended . So this time i would like to...

Put Your CMS Made Simple Site on Steroids

This is a follow up post on " 3 easy steps for more speed " written by Jonathan. Recently i extended this article with few more tips and tricks and shared it on Arvixe blog. In case you missed that article follow this link for full post on Arvixe blog.