3 easy steps for more speed

Speed optimization is a big topic and it doesn't lose its importance with bigger bandwidths becoming more and more common. There's a lot of remarkable information on the internet - first of all Yahoo's " Exceptional Performance " serie. But what's about CMSms? This article explains 3 easy steps to get more speed out of CMSms-driven websites.

Qualify FormBuilder for HTML5

FormBuilder's text field has already been improved by the addition of a placeholder option in version 0.7. Nevertheless there's still a lack of fields and options to achieve full support of HTML5 form fields. This article broaches the issue of adding some of those to the module do-it-yourself.

Adventure of upgrading CMSMS 0.12 to

Just yesterday i had a pleasure to run an upgrade on  CMSMS  0.12 Fiji to latest Faanui release. Yes you read that right, from a version from back in year 2006, who would of known there still exist working sites like this.  Well to be honest i was actually surprised how easy or not it was to get it running on latest release, so if you want to know read on.