Create nice News Rotator with CMSMS News module and jQuery Cycle plugin

This time i will show you how easy it is to create a nice looking Header Rotator driven by CMSMS News module and jQuery Cycle plugin. Before we start we will need some tools, scripts to work with. jQuery Cycle Plugin jQuery Framework SuperSizer Plugin

Add Google Maps with UDT

Often there is a need to display a Google Map somwhere on the Website, but do you realy want to go through trouble of installing CGGoogleMaps module and dealing with fopen issue if it's disabled and you don't have access to change this on the Server just because of one single Google Map and a single Point? I did often bump in this issue or dealing with errors just because of disabled fopen...

CMS Made Simple™ wins Packt Publishing 2010 Open Source Awards

Congratulations to the CMS Made Simple Developement team, it is that time of year again, when Open Source Awards are being announced and this time CMSMS did it. This proves that my decision on choosing CMSMS as my primary CMS system was the right choice. You can read more about Open Source Awards and winners on official Packt Pub site.

Display Authors full name in CGBlog instead of Username

When using CGBlog module and writing posts, the displayed Author name using {$entry->author} is always our Username. I think this is not very wise, since we are providing our Administration Username for whole wide world. Ok there would be a workaround like creating another user with only Editor rights, so this wouldn't do much harm but do you really want to display something like...

Setup Comments extended with jQuery in CGBlog Module

When working on this blog, i needed comments function as every other blog in the virtual world. As we already know, CMSMS and Modules work a bit diferently than in other CMS Systems we know, but in a positive way. If we install a module in CMSMS we do not get a bloat of a code and other functions that we possibly do not need. To make it short, each module can be extended with additional...

Make your CMSMS website Mobile ready

With all those new Mobile Devices that are capable to display and handle any kind of data, it is only reasonable to provide your Online content to as much devices as possible and not only Computer. In this post you will see how easy it is to setup a mobile version of your Website without any Modules or Online Services that are being offered around. 

Piecemaker Flash Slider with Gallery module

There are many Wordpress Themes that use cool sliders like Piecemaker or Cuber, so i thought i would share my way how this can be used with CMSMS and load slider images dynamicaly with Gallery module. Before we start you should look at official Piecemaker homepage to see what we will be using.